A Modern Barndominium With a Tinge of a Rustic Style (25 HQ Pictures)

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Huge Space for all:

This house has a relatively large space of 1720 sq. ft. for all the space necessities like an attached covered garage which can be customized into a living space upon requirement.

The garage has two garage doors and a great capacity for all your storage needs as well as enough space for the cars to easily park even when the storage is cluttering it. 


With long-lasting materials to give this house a rustic look; this home will be the perfect sanctuary, gravel lined driveway to the garage and a great and spacious living area.


Sq. Ft.: 1720 Beds: 3 Baths:  2
Year Built: 2018 State: Texas Price: $264,900


The Rooms are a Delight!

As you enter the living room a brown leather sofa set greets you with wooden walls giving the house a feeling of warmth and comfort, a feeling all too familiar with your own home. The coffee table in the center accentuating the room. The bedrooms are simple yet modern at the same time. A warm and comfortable bed, with a study table at one end, a huge window to let the light in during the day and for your inner scenic cravings, this spacious home covers all.



You enter the kitchen and henna colored wooden cabinets greet you with a warmth like no other, with a marble countertop and the words ‘Kitchen’ sprawled above the sink adding a little bit of groove to this cozy home. The bathrooms are lined with marbles of black, grey and white fixtures. With separate sinks and an area for your washing machine and dryer. The color of the bathroom adds a comfort to the mind, for a nice relaxing bath.

If you love this house and want to make it your dream home then check out the listing on Realtor, Zillow and Trulia. Please note that if the listing is not available the property has probably already been sold. 

*At the time of publishing this article, the property shown and described in this post was listed for sale. If you are the new owner of the property and would like us to unpublish this article please contact us here.