Classic 1,800 Sq. Ft. Barndominium w/ Metal Siding (20 HQ Pictures)

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Surrounded by Lush

The project is surrounded by perfect lush that most of the modern day people wish. Being there at the porch of the barndominium, and watching the animals moving happily is a pretty fulfilling experience. Moreover, the thoroughly fenced barndominium plans of such have been always highly desirable among all groups of people.

In fact, while looking for barndominium for sale, only such thoroughly finished properties should be taken into account. Making things more accomplishing, the set-up is thoroughly patio covered. Its exclusive backyard area makes things convenient for various purposes.

Modern day people in search of barndominium for sale are advised to prioritize on the properties made up of metal siding and steel, as of this. With metal, pitched roof, it ensures greater safety as well. The slab foundation makes things accomplishing.


Sq. Ft. 1,800 Beds: 3 Baths: 3
Year Built: 2012 State: Texas Price: $539,900



As of the exterior and roof, the interior sections of barnddominium plans are equally vital to be checked. This barndominium provides much high-end features with walk-in closet, comparatively higher ceiling, etc. Coming to the kitchen, it is equally enriched with explicit breakfast zone.

The positioning of the kitchen explicitly made for greater connection with the living zones. Not just that the kitchen is enriched from architectural perspectives; it is a fully-furnished set-up as well providing high-end appliances.

Starting from dishwater, electric water heater, to range-freestanding, one can find everything of contemporary standard within it. For a satisfactory dining, this explicit barndominium plan comes with exclusive breakfast area as well. Apart from mainstream rooms like bedroom, kitchen, etc, it provides a great storage place as well.