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Classic Barndominium w/ Rustic Style Interior & Garage (28 HQ Pictures)

Although it started out as a practical living option for farmers and ranchers, barndominiums have quickly become a popular home for many who want the classic rustic interiors of the country homes. If you’re one of those interested in barndominiums, then check out this property that can serve as the inspiration for your own.

A Tranquil 7-acre Property Surrounded by Nature

Featuring a classic barn exterior, this barndominium is set on a wide 7-acre property where you can enjoy the countryside’s unique and homely atmosphere while surrounded by nature. It evokes a tranquil and relaxing vibe that’s unique to the area.

It features a wrap-around balcony that allows you to enjoy the peaceful scenery from anywhere inside the house. It’s a single-family home that offers a uniquely hospitable environment for anyone lucky enough to live in this one-of-a-kind barndominium home.

Located right in the center of a large 7-acre property, it’s far from the usual hectic life in the city, allowing its inhabitants to sit back and relax and enjoy everything the property has to offer. With its wide-open spaces, it’s perfect for traditional and modern activities like horseback riding, riding ATVs, and more.


Sq. Ft. 2,929 Beds: 3 Baths: 3
Year Built: 2014 State: Texas Price: $453,200 (estimate)


A Simple Rustic Interior with Modern Amenities

Homeowners can enjoy a classic rustic interior but with complete modern amenities. The simple yet elegant décor offers a classy and homey feel that will make you fall in love with the property even more.

From its living space to the bathrooms, the décor is on point and offers cohesion throughout the entire home. Homeowners will enjoy the peaceful and relaxing vibe this home has to offer them. The barndominium pictures simply cannot capture the beauty and hospitable vibe this home has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about this property, you may check out Trulia, Realtor, or Zillow. However, if the property is already sold, then the pictures can serve as both a great reference and inspiration for your search of the perfect barndominium for sale.

*At the time of publishing this article, the property shown and described in this post was listed for sale. If you are the new owner of the property and would like us to unpublish this article please contact us here.





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