Luxurious Metal Barndominium on 109 Acres (18 HQ Pictures)

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Thoroughly Enchanting

The total set-up of metal construction represents the highest class of barndominium architecture style. Specifically, people looking for single-detached style barndominium plans can find it thoroughly enchanting.

The set-up with the metal roof has the perfect slab foundation to assure complete safety for the residents. Meeting the standard of high-end barndominium for sale, it provides the perfect ceramic tile, laminate. The single storey building fulfills all the amenities that are looked for in contemporary times.

The best part among these is the energy-saving features that the barndominium provides, starting from ceiling fans to the electric water heaters. There are one living area and dining area within the complete set-up with adequate space.


Sq. Ft. 1,080 Beds: 1 Baths: 2
Year Built: 2007 State: Texas Price: $902 per sq feet



Coming to the interior features, the building provides high-end facilities, ranging from the water filter to water softener and ensuring perfect privacy for the residents it provides best class window coverings.

Being exemplary about how the barndominium plans should look like, there is one fireplace. The fireplace is meant for wood burning. With high-speed internet connectivity provided, the building exemplifies the features that increase barndominium cost. Apart from these, it provides utilities like aerobic septic, gravel/rock, heat pump, well, native microwave, dishwater, dryer, refrigerator, washer, etc.

There is a perfect arrangement available for parking as well. It’s a thoroughly covered parking ensuring complete assurance and safety. The barndominium provides perfect heating and cooling arrangements. In short, it fulfills all the aspects looked for by a modern-day buyer.