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Metal Construction Barndominium of 3,000 Sq. Ft. (25 HQ Pictures)

This Barndominium with 3 beds and 3 baths is a perfect example of how metal construction should be. Developed over 3000 square feet land, it is quite spacious and accomplishing. It was developed in the year 2004 and cost $176 per square foot.

Perfect Metal Set-up

People looking for perfect Barndominium plans can find the metal set-up perfect. Specifically, people looking for farmhouses or single detached property can find it enchanting. The best part about the Barndominium is its metal roofing providing utmost safety assurance for the residents.

The single storey building is provided with best class ceramic tile and wooden flooring. Needless is to say that Barndominium for sale with such high-end flooring style fetches greater values.

Moreover, this is a handicap accessible property. Taking perfect care of the energy-saving aspects, it comes with energy-saving ceiling fans. The drought-tolerant plans make it green energy efficient. While enquiring about the Barndominium cost, it is always suggested to look for these features.


Sq. Ft. 3,000Beds: 3Baths: 3
Year Built: 2004State: TexasPrice: $176 per sq feet



Coming to the interior of the property, there are 11 rooms in total. Among these, there are a couple of living areas and a couple of dining areas. This indicates that the Barndominium is quite spacious.

However, the high-end interior features make it even more exciting. To be specific, the superior class decorative lighting makes it look the most enchanting. Especially, the vaulted ceiling takes the standard of Barndominium to the next level. 

There is one fireplace available within the set-up, as well. It’s a freestanding fireplace perfect for wood burning. It also provides a water softener for greater accomplishment. All in all, the property fulfills every characteristic that is expected from a high-end Barndominium style architecture plan.



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