Peaceful Single-Family 1200 Sq. Ft. Barndominium on a 26-acre Lot (20 HQ Pictures)

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A Tranquil 26-acre Property

This single-family home is situated on a 26-acre lot, with a tranquil vibe that makes you feel at ease. The fact that it’s enveloped in broad greeneries also contributes to that soothing experience, too. Aside from the calming atmosphere, this home also showcases delicate limestone accents on the front.

This home, located in the state of Texas, is far from the typical city hustle and bustle. Such a compelling aspect makes it the ultimate haven for those who are seeking peace.


In addition to the calming yet reassuring facade, it has a separate 30×40 shop comprising a huge overhang with concrete space, which is perfect for entertainment and any big events. The shop is fitted with overhead doors on each end for convenient access.


Sq. Ft. 1200 Beds: 3 Baths: 2
Year Built: 2015 State: Texas Price: $345,000 (estimate)


A Grounded Yet Contemporary Interior

Simple, pleasant, and elegant are among the best words to describe this home. The interior accentuates a grounded look and feel, thanks mostly to the rustic wooden finish seen on its doors and furniture. Despite the earthy color, you can still see the contemporary details on its overall interior design.


The consistency of the whole interior design can be experienced in all of its chambers, even in its 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. From the living room, you can proceed directly to the kitchen and make use of the stainless steel appliances and gas cooktop, suitable for exquisite dining. With stained concrete floors all throughout, cleaning has been made easier.

You may log on to Trulia, Zillow, or Realtor if you’re interested in this property. However, in the event that the property is already sold, simply regard these barndominium pictures as an excellent inspiration and your preference when searching for other similar properties for sale.

*At the time of publishing this article, the property shown and described in this post was listed for sale. If you are the new owner of the property and would like us to unpublish this article please contact us here.