Impressive Barndominium on 2000+ Acres Ranch (30 HQ Pictures)

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A Perfect Example of Living Amidst Nature

This luxury ranch is the perfect example of living amidst nature with the company of wildlife. You can take a hint from this property to build a home along the lines of luxury ranch homes with a lodging facility. Even though many people can consider this as a vacation retreat, it can be designed with the right amenities just like in this property.

The luxury ranch has three bedrooms and four full baths as well as a half bath and a full bar, which could be the benchmark for luxury. The separate guesthouse on this property also gives ideas for using the available ranch property space to accommodate another building. The perimeter fencing that is found in this luxury property is also another source of idea to make sure that your home is secure on all sides. The three sides of the property are fenced appropriately along with the presence of suitable pasture fences for the division.


The luxury ranch you are looking at is something more than just another establishment to live the “ranch life.” Entering the lodge or the main residence on this property would be a new experience for any individual. The most striking highlight in this property would be the two living areas and a full bar which can be just the right idea to call over some friends and have a good time! The ornate interior decoration of the three bedrooms along with the facility of four full baths and a half bath can also be some factors which you would want to incorporate in your new home.


Sq. Ft. 2,617 Beds: 3 Baths: 4.5
Year Built: 2005 State: Texas Price: $6,295,000


You would also find the facility of a foreman’s home as well as a guesthouse that have convenient amenities. Most important of all, you would find this property as an improvement over conventional luxury ranch homes due to the facility of a commercial kitchen in the barn that is also equipped with a dining area.


In addition to this, you would also be amazed by the fire pit area on the outside that may be just the perfect location for sitting out at night and have a wonderful stargazing experience. This property could also give you an idea of finding a location for building your next home for having a look at some exotic wildlife with some amazing views.

Don’t forget the 1930’s era rock water storage tank, which you can find as a vital source of ideas for enhancing the artistic appeal of your new property. With so many unique ideas, you can use the design of this property to your advantage for creating your home!