Basic 1,300 Sq. Ft. Metal Building w/ Living Quarters (12 HQ Pictures)

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Open Concept Kitchen

Being enriched with open concept kitchen is one of the biggest advantages of the ranch homes of such. There is a nice breakfast bar available within the room zone as well. Winter is never a concern being inside such a house.

There is a perfect wood burning fireplace within the living zone. In fact, it has a stock tank as well. There are in total four stalls thoroughly wrapped within a lofted covering.

The house can be incredible for farm purposes. Having a perfect metal foundation makes it suitable for all weather conditions. Being established with concrete flooring makes it a perfect example of how a sturdy house should be. The most exciting part about the set-up, on the whole, is indeed its interior.


Sq. Ft. 1,300 Beds: 2 Baths: 2.5
Year Built: 2017 State: Texas Price: $296 per square feet

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There are five rooms in total, and each one is thoroughly distinct from the other. This is one of the crucial aspects that often looked for regarding metal homes. All these accompany thoroughly with the single living area. In addition, there is also one dining zone.

Perfection in panelling is one of the foremost reasons behind the thoroughly finishing appeal that it provides. Apart from these, the house provides an electric cooktop, as well as an electric oven.

There is also a refrigerator available for food storage purpose, specifically during hot conditions. There is a perfect arrangement for parking as well; it is thoroughly attached to the main zone. Overall, the luxury ranch provides complete accomplishment in all aspects.