Classic Metal Building Home Built in 2005 Still Going Strong (21 HQ Pictures)

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Introducing Betterment in Tradition

The three bedrooms and two bath design of this home have also gained recognition as a standard for residential property construction now. Also, you could take a look at the features of the lot on which this house is situated for a better idea of metal building homes Texas. The landscaped lot with large backyard grass and surrounding trees can be something which will improve the look of your future home.

With only one storey, this property shows that you don’t need a colossal mansion for living the “good quality life”! Another prominent highlight which could catch your attention in this property is the complete metal construction supported by a slab foundation. You could also find the property as a perfect example of using metal roofs in the construction of your home.


The facility of a lot with extended size as this property’s 326,700 square feet could also be additional support for making sure that your future home has an amiable and relaxing surrounding. So, you could be sure of receiving many hints and ideas about carving up your future home with a unique architectural style that stands out from the rest of the pack!


Sq. Ft. 2,294 Beds: 3 Baths: 2
Year Built: 2005 State: Texas Price: $429,500


The home redefines how you could have exquisite interiors with sturdy exterior and including features that you would want in metal building homes Texas. You could find the interiors as the perfect example of distributing the space in your home. The oversized rooms and the decor style followed in this property with the adequate placement of furniture and accessories can be the staple additions for a perfect contemporary home.


The Saltillo Mexican flooring in this home is bound to catch your attention with a unique feel to the interiors. This home could also help you find the best ways to spruce up your interiors with appliances. Whether you want a built-in microwave, a vent mechanism, or a dishwasher, this home can be just the perfect way to learn to have all these appliances within the space available to you. You can find some appealing features in the interiors such as window coverings, decorative lighting, and vaulted ceilings that can be the perfect inclusions in the design of your next home.

The wide doorways are a feature to look out for in this property, which gives accessibility a completely new meaning. When we move towards the exteriors, this home paints a completely different picture with the facility of gutters, lighting system, and parking space for a boat or RV. Also, the property shows the effective design of an open patio along with a stable or barn. That’s quite a way to design the perfect ranch style home, isn’t it?