Newly Built 4 Bedroom Metal Home (15 HQ Pictures)

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Spacious Kitchen

The best part about the complete set-up is the cosiness that it provides. Meeting the standard of modern-day metal homes, it is enriched with a thoroughly spacious kitchen with a beautiful kitchen

One can get enough yard space as well for superior level comfort. Taking the level of luxury ranches it provides breath-taking views. The metal architectural style assures the residents thoroughly from safety perspectives.

Specifically, people looking for houses for sale of Barndominium style can find it thoroughly enchanting. With perfect metal foundation, it assures the thorough peace of mind. Built-in the year 2017, the set-up provides a couple of full baths with perfect amenities. There are four bedrooms in the entire set-up, and each one looks amazing meeting the class of contemporary ranch homes.


Sq. Ft. 2,250 Beds: 4
Baths: 2
Year Built: 2017 State: Texas Price: $194 per sq feet



Talking about the features, the project is absolutely delightful. It’s a completely air-conditioned unit or set-up. Along with the lavish facilities of a ranch, it maintains the traditional utilities as well, like having a well within.

This is meant to assure the residents even better. It provides the best appliances meant for the perfect kitchen of a superior metal home. Along with fully furnished electric cooktop, it provides thorough dishwater along with an electric oven.

Parking facilities provided is equally accomplishing as well. There are a couple of thoroughly covered parking spaces. Providing a couple of carport parking spaces, it meets the standard of a luxury living pretty well. Moreover, the entire parking feature is thoroughly attached with the set-up ensuring utmost level convenience for the user.