3 Bed Mobile Home on Breath Taking 58 Acres Property (26 HQ Pictures)

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Scoring in All the Right Areas

The 58-acre lot in the property has almost 1,575 square feet committed to two residences. Also, the property includes fencing and a barn and two large workshops. If there was something new you wanted to try with your new home’s design, then this property is where you can find the best ideas for one of the best mobile homes! For $459,900, this home shows how interesting ideas in the construction of homes could lead to better market value for your property in the long term.

Even if many people could find the doublewide mobile with land along with a singlewide mobile home as a little bit traditional, you can always find this as something better than the usual residential home. Most important of all, the diverse applications of such a design would appeal to new homeowners.


The two residences on the property are adequately suited for different purposes, and you could also get additional returns on your investment. The use of metal roofing in this property shows the benefits of the sturdiness of the home and flexibility for changing the roof design in the construction of your new home. The technical specifications of the property we are looking at now can be appealing methods to carve out the perfect mobile home!


Sq. Ft. 1,575 Beds: 3 Baths: 2
Year Built: 2001 State: Texas Price: $459,900


When you move inside the property we are talking about; you can find laminate flooring that is complemented rightly with carpeting. The two different residences in this mobile home have unique designs and placement of furniture. Rather than having an outhouse, the property shows how an additional residence can be the right option. You have a huge lot to use, and this could be the perfect alternative for the construction of your new home. The additional residence with two bedrooms and two baths shows new ideas about using the investment for rental purposes.


The property also provides credible insights regarding the use of appliances and introducing features that can support living in mobile homes designed like this one in Texas. Moving towards the other features that you would find on the exteriors of this property, you can find the barn and workshops as a rightful inclusion for ranch style living. The arena and deck along with the workshops and holding pens, equestrian center, and round pens can be taken as inputs for the construction of your next mobile home.

The large lot available in this property provides ample area for pasture and permission for horses. The facility of a pond in this property also shows how homeowners could use their surrounding landscape for additional purposes such as agriculture, dairy, rearing sheep or goats and primarily farming activities. Even if you want to start a vineyard, this property gives you the perfect design for building your home! Most important of all, you could also learn some helpful details about fencing your property with barbed wire and choosing cross fencing options according to your preferences. This brief tour of the home can be a clear source of inspiration for your next home construction project.