Traditional Riverfront Farmhouse w/ Large Home Cinema (40 HQ Pictures)

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Perfect Interior And Exterior Design

The lot size is estimated at around 39 acres, which gives a lot of benefits in the form of a panoramic view of the massive expanse of fields. The overall area on which the home is built measures at 5,200 square feet that is common for luxurious farmhouse style homes. The ideal use of the space on which the home on this property has been constructed shows the possibilities for aspiring homeowners to build such a large home.

The home on this property has two stories, and a mere glimpse at the front entrance would show how you can bring royal feel in farmhouse decor. Most important of all, the price of this property has been estimated at a whopping $4,290,000 thereby indicating that you can be able to get promising returns on your investments by following such design in building your new home!


The choice of the perfect interior and exterior design for a new home can be quite difficult. But, this property would leave you stunned with amazing interior decor. The two storied home includes five bedrooms and four baths, which indicates the element of luxury that you can have by choosing this layout for building farmhouse style homes.


Sq. Ft. 5,200 Beds: 5 Baths: 4
Year Built: 2018 State: Texas Price: $4,290,000


The best thing that you can observe in this property for taking ideas for new home construction is home automation. Why not improve the entertainment quotient in your new home? Take a hint from this property and design a large home cinema in your new home by making adequate use of the available space.


The swimming pool on this property along with a porch to sit down and relax with family and friends, show the best way to make use of your investment in constructing such a property. You would also be enticed by the idea of having an outdoor bathroom and shower just like on this property. Seems like something right out of the movies, doesn’t it? The other notable hints which you could take from this property for building your new home include the effective placement of lighting fixtures such as chandeliers in the interiors.

The lighting can be perceived as a proven addition in your interior decor for emphasizing the right elements in a room. This property also shows another improvement over farmhouse decor, which is the functional office space equipped with AC. So, you could also work as well as enjoy life like royalty by taking inspiration from this property!