Modern Look Barndominium w/ Soaring Pine Wood Ceilings (15 HQ Pictures)

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Beautiful and Tranquil Landscape Surrounding The Property

The exterior of this property boasts of an elegant yet simple design. It is surrounded by 1 acre of beautiful green grass that is easy to maintain. There is plenty of space for parking and other outdoor activities. 

The barndominium itself is painted in a striking red color, contrasting its surroundings. This makes the structure pop out and catches the eyes of any passerby. It features an outdoor patio where you can relax, take a sip of your favorite coffee in the fresh countryside air.


You can easily enjoy the tranquil and relaxing vibes of countryside life, away from the busy and stressful city hustle. The property is also minutes away from amenities such as shops, groceries, and restaurants. 


Sq. Ft.: 1,298 Beds: 2 Baths: 2
Year Built: 2015 State: Texas Price: $213,281 (estimate)


Modern and Compact Interior

Despite being located in the gorgeous countryside, this property fully embraces the modern lifestyle and the conveniences that it provides. Its main feature is its soaring high ceilings constructed out of pinewood. The walls feature a beautiful white finish that complements the contemporary interior design.


The interior boasts of a sleek open kitchen that has a beautiful view of the outside countryside. It has solid granite countertops, wood cabinets with modern design, and an open bar. Concrete stairs lead you up to a cozy loft with a glass view of the deck outside.

This property is great for couples or a family of 3 looking to get away from city life. If interested, you can visit the sites Realtor, Zillow, or Trulia for similar properties. If you can’t find this one – it probably has been sold. Simply use it as an inspiration for your next barndominium project or scan the market for a similar build.

*At the time of publishing this article, the property shown and described in this post was listed for sale. If you are the new owner of the property and would like us to unpublish this article please contact us here.