Affordable Prefab Tiny Homes & Sheds from $9,900 (HQ Pictures & Info)

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Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms offers a wide range of small buildings that can be used as cabins, guest houses, and more. These prefabricated buildings are designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia and can be delivered anywhere in the country. Setting up the building usually takes no more than a day, and they come with a ten-year warranty for both materials and workmanship.

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Each building is equipped with pre-fitted insulation in the walls and roof, ensuring protection from the elements. What sets these prefab tiny buildings apart is that they can be customized to fit your property, lifestyle, and needs. They can even be delivered and placed in tight spaces on your property. Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms offers several options, including eSpace Garden Rooms, Mod Cabanas, Porch Cabanas, Veranda Cabanas, Workshops, and Work Sheds, each available in various sizes and prices. If you have a specific design in mind but want additional features like more windows or French doors, the company can accommodate those requests in your design.

The Garden Room models offered by Melwood are designed for both leisure and living purposes. They can be upgraded to meet building requirements and codes for full-time living, making them suitable as tiny homes. Alternatively, they make great rental units or guest houses on your property. When deciding on the type and size of building, the company can send one of their estimators to measure your property and assist you with making the right choice. They also have Show Centers where you can see the units in person to get a better idea of their size. Once you have selected your design and finalized the plans, Melwood will create your prefab cabin package and deliver it to your location.


After delivery, the interior of the structure will need to be finished with ship-lap interior siding or drywall, and the flooring will need to be installed. All buildings come with tongue and groove ply flooring, treated for termites to protect the structure for 40 years. The floor system uses sturdy piers sitting on a concrete footing, so it’s essential for property owners to have their foundation ready before the contractors arrive to assemble the structure. With a wide variety of designs available, there is something for everyone. These buildings can serve many purposes, with customers transforming them into retreats, home offices, art studios, and even backyard pubs and lounges. The possibilities are endless.


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