Man Constructs Covert Small Cabin with Wood Stove Heating! (HQ Images & Video)

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Watch this 20-minute video showcasing the construction of a tiny cabin in the woods, complete with a custom wooden stove. This was the cabin owner’s first attempt at such a project. First, they locate the ideal cabin spot and clear away any sticks. Next, they find a log, measure it, and cut it with a small chainsaw. They also remove all the branches and most of the bark. The log is then transported to the cabin location and the process is repeated until the cabin takes shape. An axe is used to carve the ends of the logs for stacking, and long screws and wooden pegs secure the logs together.

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Three stacked logs form the foundation of the cabin, with additional logs placed on top to create a raised bed. Moss is utilized as insulation between the logs. The next step involves the log cabin builder cutting the door. The video also demonstrates the use of moss as insulation between the logs, which is aesthetically pleasing. You will appreciate the DIY wood stove constructed from a propane tank that is first modified by cutting the top to accommodate piping and creating a hinged door by cutting the front. Once wood is added, this small woodstove effectively heats the tiny living space. The dog also enjoys it.

The cabin builder continues stacking the logs to form the cabin structure. As the process progresses, the cabin begins to resemble a home. The roof, designed with a slant, is now taking shape, providing protection against rain and snow. To secure the door frame to the wooden cabin, the builder utilizes wooden pegs, a chainsaw, and a drill. Similarly, using smaller logs without bark, the builder places them next to each other and joins them with another small log. The door is assembled using a drill and wooden pegs, and then attached to the tiny cabin design. This allows for the door to be opened and closed.


For this construction project, a metal can was used as a safe platform for the tiny propane tank wood stove, elevated from the ground. The builder also made a hole in the cabin’s side to install the woodstove pipe, ensuring that the smoke is directed outside. Rocks were placed around the wood stove to insulate and protect the cabin. Please watch the entire video for further details.