Traditional Ranch Farmhouse w/ Horse Facilities (25 HQ Pictures)

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Different Utilities Combined at One Place

Homeowners or home builders could take a page from this property by learning to use only 2,828 square feet of the total lot size to leave adequate space for the ranch. Most important of all, the two homes built on this property apart from the horse stalls and barn clearly show the perfect design that you can have for a ranch style home. Viewers could also find the excellent placement of the two homes from each other as well as the barn and horse stalls as a possible idea for their new home.

Just when you were wondering about using the property you have for ranch activities; this property shows you the advantages of minimalistic design. Without any massive mansion, you can live a luxurious life on a ranch with a home like this. Most important of all, you would not be limited by space to call over some of your friends for a jolly evening!


The two homes on this property in Texas are perfect exemplars of sophistication in a low key design of a ranch and home. People could find this property as a dull one, just like the usual homes you find on a ranch. However, you need to step in for a bit of surprise this property holds in store for you.


Sq. Ft. 2,828 Beds: 3 Baths: 2
Year Built: 2007 State: Texas Price: $1,495,000


The owner’s residence on this property presents a rustic exterior that gradually turns to elegance when you move to the interiors. The large windows are a perfect addition which you may like to consider for two distinct purposes. First of all, you could be able to get a sufficient amount of light entering your home and then you could also be able to enjoy some of the fantastic views of your property.


The master bedroom in the owner’s residence can also give you many helpful ideas about tailoring your furniture to the cathedral ceiling design of the roof. Furthermore, the use of antique texture in the furniture that is found in the master bedroom show exactly what to expect from a perfect ranch style home design.

Another excellent feature which can be added to your new home on a ranch is the facility of a porch on the front of the owner’s residence with seating arrangements. It would be quite an experience to share a calm evening with the family sitting outside and enjoying a view of your property with a cup of tea. If you have a knack for breeding horses, then this property might be just the right source of inspiration you were looking for!